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    June 29, 2015

Ozark Catholic Conference ~ A Spirit Led Mission
2015 Ozark Catholic Conference

Many of us in Northwest Arkansas have been blessed to travel to many conferences. While there have been opportunities for Catholic conferences right here in Arkansas there have been few here in Northwest Arkansas. What’s more, conferences were either in all-English or all-Spanish, but rarely in both. It was with this in mind that a small but dedicated group of people here in Northwest Arkansas first came together back in January 2014 with a common mission: to host a first-rate, Catholic conference in this area that would include presenters in English and Spanish. Our hearts burned with excitement at the possibility of offering something of this caliber for the many, many Catholics from such diverse backgrounds.

We are the Church, and we desire to be fed, and to serve, through the liturgy, with our time and talent. So in 2014 we called the conference “Ozark Liturgical Conference.” The Liturgy plays a part in how we connect to the church which in turn connects us to God. To encompass more topics, we changed the name to be more universally understood “Ozark Catholic Conference.” We are excited for 2015 and look forward to offering a conference each year on the 1st Saturday in August.

Your prayers and support are needed to make this mission a spirit led success and a perpetual gift to Catholic life in the Ozarks.